Men and Women from Spelsbury, Dean, Taston, Fulwell and Ditchley who served in the Army or Navy during the two Wars.

The Great War 1914-1919 | World War Two 1939-1945








The Great War 1914-1919

George Akers, Western Front
Morton Allen, Western Front
Harold Batts, Mesopotamia
Alex. C. Bayliss, Western Front
Alfred Banner, Returned from Australia
Edward Banner, Served in Egypt and France
Ernest Benfield, Western Front
Harry Benfield, Western Front
Chas. Bishop, Western Front
Wm. Bishop, England
John Brice, Western Front
Francis Carter, Western Front
Ernest Conduct, England
Leonard Conduct, Royal Navy
Alfred Cooper, Western Front
Lionel Cooper, Western Front
Spencer Cooper, ?
Peter Cooney, Egypt
Thomas Cooney, Western Front
Alfred J. Cross, D.C.M., Western Front
Alfred Cross, Salonica
Wm. Cross, Western Front
Tom Dean, Ireland
Kathleen Dillon, Order of St. Sava, Red Cross V.A.D. and Ambulance driver-France and Serbia. Prisoner of War.
Henry M. Dillon, D.S.O., Western Front
Francis Fitzgibbon, Royal Navy
Arthur Harling, Western Front
Harry Harrison, England
Hubert Harrison, Western Front
Raymond Hathaway, Western Front
Ernest Heath, Western Front and Salonica
Tom Heath, Western Front and Salonica
Harold Hewett, ?
Cyril Hitchcocks, Western Front and Germany
Ailsworth Hitchcocks, Salonica
Oscar Hitchcocks, Western Front
Herbert Howse, M.M., Western Front and Italy
Sidney J. Howse, M.M., France and Russia
Edward Hucken, Western Front
Wm. Chas. Hunt, Germany
Chas. Jolly, Western Front
Arthur Lainchbury, Returned from Canada
Frank Lodge, Western Front
Harry Lodge, Western Front
Victor Lodge, Western Front
Albert Matthews, Western Front
Frank Mitchell, Western Front
Herbert Moodie, Western Front
Leonard Pratley, Salonica
Ernest Richens, Western Front
Henry Richens, Western Front
Ernest Shurmer, Western Front
Henry Shurmer, Western Front
Basil Sturdy, Western Front
Albert Sturdy, Western Front
Edward Sturdy, Western Front
Harold Sturdy.
Spencer Sturdy.
Frank Trinder.
Robert Trinder.
William Wakefield, England.
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World War Two 1939-1945

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William Carter, R.A.F., Canada.
Basil Duvall, Army, Africa, Italy, France, Germany.
Claud Duvall, Oxf. and Bucks and Parachute Regiment, France and Denmark.
Sydney Gardiner, Army, Egypt.
Jack Godden, R.A.C., North Africa, Sicily, Italy.
Wynne Griffiths, R.A.F., Canada.
Ray Griffiths, South Africa.
Harry Harris Army, France (killed at Dunkirk).
John Hitchcock, R.N. Arctic Convoy, Atlantic etc.
Trevor Hunt, R.A.F., Africa and Italy. Killed July 1944, over Yugoslavia.
Arthur Hunt, R.N. and Fleet Air Arm, Arctic Convoy and Northern Ireland.
Denis Lodge Oxf. and Bucks. L.I., France, Belgium, Germany, Egypt, Palestine.
Harold Lodge, Army, Ireland.
Cyril Shurmer, Army Northern Ireland.



Ernest Benfield, R.A.F., Ceylon, India, South Africa.
John Bond, R.N. Mediterranean and Pacific.
Joy Lane, A.T.S.
Cyril Launchbury, R.A.F., India.
Richard Middleton, Army, Iceland.
Edward Pantenay, R.A.F. Gold Coast.
Roger Ransom R.A.F. Killed in flight over Germany, 1940.
William Ralph, Army, North Africa and Italy.
Alec Wakefield.
William West, R.A.S.C.
Peter Winser, Oxf. and Bucks. and commando. Badly wounded in North Africa.
Timothy Winsor, Parachute Regiment. Killed in Belgium, January 1945.



William Cooper, Army, Germany.
William Eeles, Army, Northern Ireland.
Charles Gamage, R.A.F., North Africa, Italy, Germany.
Harry Gamage, Oxf. and Bucks. L.I. (Died of wounds after Dunkirk)
Jack Gamage, R.A.S.C., North Africa and Italy.
Henry Hawtin, Army.
Oliver Jones, Sicily, Italy, India.
John Mills, Army.
James Sturdy, R.A.F.
Cyril Turner, Army, France on D-Day, Belgium, Holland, Germany.
Leslie Turner, taken prisoner at Tobruk, held in Germany.
Albert Walcraft, Oxf. and Bucks., Northern Ireland.
James H. West, Army.



Cyril Benfield.
Ernest Benfield, North Africa, Egypt, Italy.
Esther Ellen Benfield, A.T.S.
Norman Bull.
Herbert Gould, R.A.F.
John Parsons, R.A.C., North Africa, wounded.
Dennis F. Wakefield, R.A.C., Normandy. (Died, illness, October 1944).
Harold Wakefield, R.A.F., Germany, Holland, Belgium.



Edward Blake.
Harold Blake.
Reginald Blake.
Sydney Blake.
Thomas Starling.
Maurice Starling.
Michael Tree, Life Guards, Persia, Syria, El Alamein, Italy, France, Germany.
Jeremy Tree, Life Guards.
Robert Warland, R.A.F.
Reginald Townsend.

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