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Please be patient while these pictures download, there are 15 in all covering the history of the Butler/Shaw family from Chilton, nr Didcot.


Jennifer Shaw.

Frank Butler, with Anita and Sheila.

Frank Butlers grave, outside Chilton Church.

Edith Butler with Kenneth and Anthony in 1965.

Doug (Jennifer's first husband) with Kenneth and Anthony in 1965.

Jennifer and Doug's wedding in Dec 1960.

Maureen Butler at Chilton.

Christine, David and Diane Parsons with Edith Butler in Dec 1960.

Edith Butler at Jennifer's shortly before her death.

Jennifer with Kenneth and Anthony in 1965.

Edith, Jennifer, Maureen and Christine.

Susan Jones at Fulwell (Sheila Butlers daughter)

Edith and Maureen Butler.

Christine Shaw at Chilton.

Violet Ruth Butler at Chilton in 1949.