Private Photo Diary of Gunner Atkins, D,R. 854842 'A' Troop 229/58th Medium Regiment R.A.




War Diaries: The photo record of Gunner Atkins, D,R. 854842  'A' Troop 229/58th Medium Regiment R.A.

(TA on 25th Feb 1936)

These photos were taken on exercises involving the 229 medium battery, based at Woodbridge Road, Ipswich, Suffolk. The old drill hall in Ipswich is now the Ipswich Caribbean Centre.

Gnr. Atkins, D.R. became good friends during and after the war with, 946631 Gnr. Shotten, R. who came from Consett in Durham, he also used to speak of a Tommy Wyard who's family run a removals and storage buisness in Ipswich, could be 897468 Gnr. Wyard, F. Another buisness link is found with Lieut.Harry Warner who's family name is still connected with heating and mechanical services in Ipswich.

Gnr. Atkins, D.R. medals: 1939-45 war medal, defence medal, the 1939 1945 star, theAfrica star with 1st army clasp ,the Italy star and Territorial medal.


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